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badges-smAll of our supplements adhere to “Good Manufacturing Practices” (GMP).

The BLU ARMOR Safety Stack is a special combination of three of our most essential supplements that can give the law enforcement professional a safer environment.

ACTIVE is the base of everything that you need to provide protection with those in a stressful environment.

FOCUS will provide the mental edge to enable you to stay alert while giving attention to detail.

REST is vital in ensuring the proper sleep in order to avoid fatigue for your next shift.

By combining each of these GMP Certified Products, you are giving yourself every possible opportunity to succeed with safety.

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ACTIVE is a unique multi nutrient formula that supports Antioxidant Protection, Detoxification, Health in Those with Poor Nutrient Intake and living a Stressful Lifestyle.




You can support memory‚ focus‚ and cognitive thinking with good nutrition. One way to boost brain function is by taking FOCUS.




Do you feel tired‚ even after you’ve slept throughout the night? This is surprisingly common. REST is a natural supplement that helps calm your mind and your body.




ENERGY transforms water into a great-tasting, revitalizing energy drink. Each stick provides a combination of B vitamins, electrolytes, trace minerals, amino acids, herbs, and antioxidants to fuel your body’s energy production.




LEAN is a endocrine balancing formula designed to promote optimal insulin, leptin and cortisol balance. Lean is for those wishing to improve body composition.